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Isabelle is a 27 year old woman with a strong compassion for both humans and animals and with a big smile on her face she tries to take on the world.

She believes in training that builds on love and respect. Isabelle thinks that it is important not to forget that all the time you spend with your dog is a part of your success.


She got her first own dog at the age of 9 and has been training and competing in agility on an elite level ever since.

Her first dog was a Shetland Sheepdog named Zindi. With Zindi Isabelle is the youngest ever to win the Nordic Championships. The represented the national team between 2003-2008. Zindi sadly passed away in november 17th, 2010.


At the moment Isabelle has two dogs, an 11 year-old border colllie Noa and a 4 year old boder collie called Finn. With Noa Isabelle has represented the swedish national team at the world championship in Austria 2009, France 2011 and in Czech republic 2012. They also represented Sweden at the World Agility Open 2012 and got on 5th place.

Finn is just in the beginning of his career!


Isabelle is an amazing team with Finn and Noa, both on and off the course. The goal with both dogs is of course to win the gold at the World Championships ;)