We have been around the world teaching our agility way since 2005. In in countries like Colombia, Australia, China, Gutatemala, Spain, Italy and so on. We have had the opportunity to help people and dogs to develop and reach their full potential!

We focus on working with the dogs and their handlers as individuals. OE belives that there is not just one way that is best option for everyone and that all training must be adapted to the individuals.

We offer agility training in Swedish, Finnish and English, both individually and for groups.


"Isabelle and Jouni, it's been such a pleasure spending the past few days with you - you are not only gifted agility trainers, handlers and instructors you are also such genuinely beautiful people with such heart for what you do and give 110% to each and every handler and dog team you teach ... Thank you for all your help and encouragement - I hope we see you back in Oz again soon! "

- Vicki Miller, Australia


" Isabelle is cheerful and inspiring teacher who concentrates on every student as an individual person. She is demanding and wants to find the best in every couple. Isabelle made me exceed myself, trust my dog and feel the flow. Thank you! "

- Reetta Pirttikoski, Finland


" I feel very grateful for all your advices and it has been a very big part of the development and success of my young dog As, thank you! "

- Ivan Sanchez Garcia , Spain


" I'd like to add to all the positive comments that on top of everything else I was very impressed by how these two manage to keep their concentration and supportiveness up for two long days of instructing! Quite amazing in my opinion! "

- Matilda van Rijnbrek, New Zealand


I have particapated in agility classes with Jouni and Isabelle many times now, and I still want to do more!! They have so many awesome qualities, great knowledge about agility and always on top of the latest agility moves! I really love the way they handle their dogs, fast and fluently, with tight turns and fast lines. And always with the biggest smiles! The best instructors! You can really tell they love this sport with all their hearts! I can’t wait for the next class!

- Irene Yrstad (Lukas & Twix), Norway

"Thank you for absolutely amazing online courses and seminars! I have learnt a lot of new handling techniques and developed to a next level in agility. Jouni, you are an inspiring teacher who has learnt me how to read courses and how to handle different combinations. Your enormous experience from competition field, makes your practice courses both challenging and demanding but offers me success as well. You have also learnt me how to run fast! Isabelle, you are the happiest and most supportive people I know. You have learnt me to come out of my comfort zone and never give up on the course and always to fight to the end."

- Heidi Penttilä, Sweden